Guest Post -PRR – GIVE 100%

We are living in a very busy and competitive time. No matter whether we’re in Asia or in the West, we grow up with the idea that we have to work hard in order to “make it” – whatever this might be. Maybe we want to get a good job, have a happy family, a nice house, loyal friends and an interesting lifestyle.

We think that if we always give 100% of our strength then we can achieve all our goals. And you know what? I think that’s true. But maybe we have to look at this from a slightly different perspective.

Doing something 100% doesn’t necessarily mean being extreme. It doesn’t mean getting obsessed by something or thinking about it all the time while neglecting other things which are important in our life.

It means that in the very moment while focussing on something you really concentrate only on that. During your work you shouldn’t think too much about other things which are not related to it. And when you are not working you also shouldn’t think all the time about the work.

Rather while you are working, concentrate on your work and do it in the best way possible without being distracted. And when you are together with your family or friends focus on them and give them all your attention, care and love. Likewise when you have some free time for yourself let go of all the other things, enjoy and just relax.

In this way you can follow various activities without being distracted. Try to train your mind to be focussed. Be aware of your actions. Know what you are doing with your body, speech and mind. Ask yourself if you are really doing what you are supposed to do right now or if your mind is distracted by thinking of the last or the next year’s holidays.

In these times if you want to accomplish your goals without getting worried, stressed or crazy this seems to be one of the best methods: give 100% in every single moment.


I think therefore I am? – How Much Is Enough?

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

How much is enough? This is a question not asked often enough of ourselves.

Many of my patients had been saving their fun times, their big and only overseas trip until their retirement. I’ve witnessed many tragedies as people retired and become unwell. The opportunity to enjoy their hard-earned reward stolen from them by illness. Falling unwell soon after retirement. Going from the working life to the dying life within a matter of months.

Balance must be sought and acted upon. That’s what my Aunty Helen always tried to teach me. It is good to scrimp and save but enjoy yourself along the way, as you may never get the chance to. I’ve seen it in the stories of the patients I look after. They saved up all their enjoyment until the end but were too unwell to enjoy anything.

Working in palliative care you’d think we’d learn the lesson – life is too short. Seeing this stark reality daily through others’ experiences could act as a stimulant to action. Often it doesn’t, we practitioners are just as human, just as blind as everyone else. It won’t happen to me. I’ll be one of the lucky ones. But it could. Happen to anyone.

Are you still working towards your goals and values? Are you being true to yourself and your life mission?

How much is enough?

It depends on who you ask, everyone will have answers which match their bespoke lives.

How much money is enough?

How many investments owned is enough?

How many degrees studied is enough?

How many books written is enough?

How much time is enough?

Never enough time.