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Meet the Palliverse Founders


Elissa Campbell @Elissa_Campbell

From Perth, Western Australia, Elissa is a geriatrician and palliative care physician. Interests include advance care planning, palliative care in aged care, delirium, person-centred care, quality improvement, global health, social determinants of health, ice cream and haiku writing.

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Anna Collins @AnnaLCollins

Health psychologist from Sydney, Anna is working as a palliative care research fellow in Melbourne. Current interests include end of life communication, integration of palliative care in advanced cancer, and development of public health messaging about palliative care. Enthusiast for writing, baking, open spaces, vege gardening, and interested in the interface of health and journalism.

Michael Chapman @mchapmanonline

Michael is a geriatrician, palliative medicine specialist, PhD candidate and career sucker for punishment who aspires to say something interesting at some stage, particularly if it has an extensive preamble. Incidentally the pre-amble is within the top two of Michael’s favourite types of amble.

Michael lives and works in Canberra, and yes there were other options available to him.

sonia head shot

Sonia Fullerton @sonialf

Dr Sonia Fullerton is a palliative care physician at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Her interests include end of life care in non specialist settings, health care and social media, e-health and patient centred decision making. It is universally agreed that she is insane for doing a Masters of Health Service Management as well as being mother of three. Her house is a mess which matches her desk, also a mess.


James Jap @japmanforever

100% PURE NEW ZEALAND BEEF. Mysterious Palliative Care Physician from Auckland, New Zealand. Likes using capital letters. Interested in developing virtual communities of practice. Gives the impression that he knows a lot about IT stuff but can barely manage to post on WordPress. He has tweeted five times, mostly to himself. Juggles. Giggles. Wiggles.

Chi Li

Chi Li @Dr_Chi_Li

Freshly-minted palliative care physician learning about research. Currently in Melbourne, grew up in Brisbane, originally from Kaohsiung. Interests include non-malignant palliative care, psycho-oncology, supervision, management, publishing, travelling to remote places, impressionist art, rock music and beer.

Jason Mills

Jason Mills @DrJasonMills

Nurse academic and palliative care researcher in Brisbane. Outside of his day job/s Jason enjoys bush walking and mindfulness meditation, but his real joy comes from playing with his two children Jasper and Felix. Teaching and research interests include promoting professional and community capacity for end-of-life care, as well as Digital Health and social media use in health care. He is editor-in-chief for the refereed journal Progress in Palliative Care, and also serves on the editorial boards of Mindfulness, Palliative Care and Social Practice, BMC Palliative Care, and the International Journal of Palliative Nursing.

Craig Sinclair

Craig Sinclair @csinclair28

Craig Sinclair is an early career researcher based at the Rural Clinical School of WA in Albany, Western Australia. Research interests include advance care planning and clinical practice improvement. An absolute newbie to the Twitter world.

Meet the Palliverse Contributing Authors

The Palliverse Editorial Team welcomes many Contributing Authors. Meet some of our regulars:


Elizabeth Caplice @hrasvelgveritas

Rest in peace, Elizabeth. Thank you for your contributions.

Elizabeth Caplice was an archivist. She had Stage IV colorectal cancer, and wrote about cancer, and how it intersected with life, particularly in younger adults.  She blogged at Sky Between Branches

At Ross on the Convict Bridge

Glen Davis

Carer for wife, Carole, suffering from dementia since about 2000, diagnosed 2011.  Carole died in 2019 under expert palliative care when her cognitive abilities were no longer sufficient to maintain the routine function of vital organs.  So Carole literally died of dementia which is not very common.  Many patients die of injuries or comorbidity factors.  We did the whole journey together.

Glen has published in 2020 eleven booklets to help other carers in the various stages of dementia. They are freely available to all Palliverse members and they are in use in tertiary curricula on four continents.

Glen seeks to ease the way for all carers of vulnerable and dependent people who are in the latter stages of their dementia illness. 

Please contact us at or @palliverse if you would like to contribute.

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  4. Through the early hours of this morning via Life Matters I was made aware of Elizabeth and her situation, one that is obviously shared by many others. The courage of people like Elizabeth with the empathy and help of your editorial staff is needed to bring to the general public and in particular our political masters as to what should be done to assist those facing such bleak times in their lives.


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