Elsewhere in the Palliverse – Weekend Reads

Hot on the heels of the @LegoAcademics come the @LegoPalliateurs. I think these Lego accounts are all the reason you need to try out Twitter!


These articles share some views on science, research and funding in the current climate (n.b. may be heavy reading. Recommend checking back in with @LegoAcademics between articles):

To help design cars for older occupants, Ford is using a suit that tries to make the wearer feel 20 to 40 years older by simulating problems like visual impairment, joint stiffness and weight gain.

On bereavement in older adults, “How a broken heart can kill the elderly” (The Telegraph)

Concerned about equitable access to essential medicines, particularly opioid analgesia? Read “The Global Commission on Drug Policy: A new report with a focus on medicines!” from @painpolicy

If you’d like more reading for your weekend, check out the #PalCareCongress feed from the 20th International Congress on Palliative Care that wraps up in Montreal today (including tweets from @palliverse by our own Chi Li)

Please share any good reads in the comments.

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