#PallANZ tweet chat: Advance Care Planning

PallANZ 201601

Advance care planning is an important process that is increasingly being taken up by our community. When done well, it can help those with serious illnesses take control of their future health care. However, many people in our community still do not know about advance care planning, which means those who are likely to benefit from the process are missing out.

How can we do better? 

Please join us for another #PallANZ tweet chat to discuss this important aspect of health care!

  • When?   January 28th (Thursday)
    • 4pm AWST (Perth)
    • 5:30pm ACST (Darwin)
    • 6pm AEST (Brisbane)
    • 6:30pm ACDT (Adelaide)
    • 7pm AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra)
    • 9pm NZDT (Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington)
  • What?   Advance care planning
    • T1 Advance care planning (ACP) means different things to different people – What does it mean to you?
    • T2 How might advance care planning benefit people with life-limiting illness?
    • T3 What are the challenges in providing opportunities for people to engage in advance care planning?
    • T4 What can people in the #PallANZ community do to enable high quality advance care planning?
  • Who?   Anyone and everyone with an interest in these issues, including:
    • Patients, families, carers
    • Clinicians, researchers
    • Managers, administrators, policymakers
    • Other interested members of the community
    • This tweet chat will be moderated by Craig Sinclair @csinclair28

You don’t have to be an expert, a Twitter whiz, or even live in Australia or New Zealand to join – in fact, we strongly encourage those new to Twitter and from beyond our shores to join us and share your views!

For those new to Twitter check out our tutorial here.

Hope to see you all there!

6 thoughts on “#PallANZ tweet chat: Advance Care Planning

    • Thanks Sonia, looking forward to it. I left a comment (but used another email address and not sure if it worked) asking whether there’s a ‘Twitter for Dummies’ type document we can send out to those new to Twitter to make it more likely they’ll take the plunge and participate. Cheers, John Haberecht


  1. Great idea Palliverse and looking forward to it. I’m wondering if you have a hints page or something that can be sent to those unfamiliar with Twitter to make it more likely they’ll dive in and play with Twitter for this important event. John


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