Palace of Care – Slump

Photo by Aleksandr Barsukov on Unsplash

I thought I was invulnerable. I was wrong.

I tried to continue writing daily posts even during my COVID infection. I failed.

I wanted to think my way through brain fog. It didn’t work.

After three days of being unwell, I thought the fourth day would be better. It wasn’t.

Being sick sucks. How do my patients cope with it?

I found myself unable to do anything on day 4 of my COVID experience. My brain had slowed down and it felt like I was swimming through treacle the whole day. I stopped writing and didn’t do any reading. I didn’t watch anything, my head was too full of mist. My mind was clouded and refused to compute.

The treacle started to dissolve and I found my way to the keyboard again. I haven’t felt like myself for over a week.

At least it stopped raining today. Sunshine returned to evaporate the vapours in my head.