Little Stars paediatric palliative care film…screening soon near you? #pedpc

Little Stars is an award-winning series of films about paediatric palliative care, made by Melbourne’s Moonshine Movies and partially crowd-funded (via Indigogo).

They are looking for people to host screenings of the film, particularly around World Hospice and Palliative Care day in October. From their website:

We encourage you to get behind the project and help us band together towards the goal of ensuring that every child needing palliative care can access it worldwide, thereby relieving the suffering of children and families facing life-limiting illness.

As a result, we’re delighted to invite you to pledge to host a screening or to use the films for public education or advocacy.  In return, we will mail you a DVD of the films in the Little Stars collection and a How-to-Host-A-Screening Guide at no cost.

Please note that Palliverse is not affiliated with Little Stars or Moonshine Movies – we thought our readers might be interested in hosting a screening and promoting paediatric palliative care. For more details and to pledge to host, visit the Little Stars website.

Elsewhere in the Palliverse – Weekend Reads

photo by David Mao itsdavo

Welcome to this weekend’s reads. People seem to enjoy the cute animal stories, so I’ve included one (near the end, if you want to read it first).

The latest paediatric palliative care video (below) from Little Stars is about treating chronic pain in children. It’s nice to see how the interdisciplinary team interacts with, and respects, the girl in the video.

An article that is all over my social media feeds this week: Knowing How Doctors Die Can Change End of Life Discussions. It also brought back to mind this article on How Doctors Die. (NPR)

“I felt like I was beating up people at the end of their life…I would be doing the CPR with tears coming down sometimes, and saying, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, goodbye.’ Because I knew that it very likely not going to be successful. It just seemed a terrible way to end someone’s life.” Continue reading

Elsewhere in the Palliverse – holiday addition

If you’re lucky enough to have a break over the summer holiday season, I would advise that you to avoid anything work-related. However, if you just can’t pull yourself away from the worlds of palliative care and research, here (in no particular order) are some related links:

Continue reading