Palace of Care – Keeping a Promise

Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

In our family, our word is our bond. When we say something, we mean it. We promised him we wouldn’t take him back to hospital after his first operation. But we broke the promise because he was too unwell. He had another operation but it didn’t work out, everything fell apart. He was in too much pain. We again promised him not to go back to hospital, but then the blood clot happened. He was in so much pain, and we had to wait so long before the nurses would come to see him. We were all crying, all three of us.

He wants to go home. Even if it is just to die at home. To watch one more football game with his son. That’s all he wanted. To go back to the home that he built for us. We kept asking them to let him go home. Instead, they sent them here to your hospice. This place is nice enough. You people are all nice, but he wants to be at home and spend time with his family.

This morning he’s different. He’s lost all hope. He started saying goodbye to his house. He thinks he’s never going to get back there. He thinks he is going to die here. We had to get out of hospital yesterday. We couldn’t take it any more. We’ve broken our promise to him again, to take him home. I’ve never seen him like this before. What can we do now?

He’s really unwell. I think his bowel is blocked. I think he is dying. He might only have days left to live, but it could be much shorter. We haven’t been able to make him comfortable yet, but time is running out. We have a chance to get him home today. I’d rather he be more comfortable but I’m worried that if we don’t get him home today, he will miss his opportunity. I know how important it is to him and the whole family to get him home. We can make it happen today.

I’m going to stop the blood thinning medication, as it won’t be able to help him any more. I’d much rather he die quickly from a blood clot than die slowly from a bowel obstruction. I know how much he hates vomiting and making a mess. I know you are all still upset about what happened in hospital but I need you to focus on your husband while he is still alive. You can sort out the hospital stuff later. Right now we need to teach you how to give him injections so that you can look after him at home. All right, we need a bit of time to sort out the prescriptions and other stuff. We’re going to make this happen.