Palace of Care/I think therefore I am? – #getjnrbak – Nervous anticipation

Yesterday we were left with a number of questions.

Was Poppa going to be able to hold on?

Was Junior going to be okay during the flight?

What tie should I wear tomorrow?

A nervous night was spent with as many fingers crossed as possible, finger cramps set in disturbing sleep – and that was just me.

The answers to the questions above are contained in the photo below:


@japmanforever, “Junior”, “Poppa”, J2, and a mysterious lil’ photo-bomber.

I was privileged to witness their family reunion this afternoon.

Poppa’s smile could light up the darkest night and is a memory that will be treasured.

Musical Interlude

Thank you everybody for following our story and for all the advice and suggestions offered.

Mission Accomplished!




2 thoughts on “Palace of Care/I think therefore I am? – #getjnrbak – Nervous anticipation

    • Thanks Craig. People often ask me if my job is depressing. Moments like the reunion can be full of pure joy. They make it hard not to love the job. #betterworkstories


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