I think therefore I am? – Speaking from the gut

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

I often joke about my increased use of gut instinct over the last ten years as my gut has gotten bigger. The truth is I have been using more intuition. Sometimes ideas just feel right. I need to tune into the person that I am assessing. I need to use empathy to try and discover what makes them tick. What drives them? What is important to them? What keeps them going despite insurmountable odds? Who are they? What goals do they still have, even at the end of their life?

The practice of mindfulness meditation has helped me to answer some of the questions. It has helped me in trying to obtain a ‘read’ of the people I am interacting with. It allows me to meet them as they want to be met. On their terms, using language and concepts they can understand. I will listen to you. I will be guided by you. I am here to help, in a way that you want to be helped. I am here to learn from you because you are the expert when it comes to yourself, not me.

I know my place. I am not your boss. I am not your parent. I may be friendly but I am not your friend. I need to maintain my professional distance in order to remain objective in the care I provide. I need to be able to connect with you in order for us to understand and work with each other. We will come up with a bespoke plan together. Any decisions made will be shared between us. A true therapeutic partnership is what I am trying to grow between us. It will take work on both sides in order to make it happen.

I promise you that I will try my best to do right by you. I wish I could do more. Together we can work together to try to improve your quality of life. I will try to look after you as a whole person. You are so much more than just a physical body. There is a story about you and I am here to hear you tell your story. I will listen actively and allow you to talk without interruption. I’ll be your guide for what may be your final journey.

Any questions?

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