I think therefore I am? – Palliative Care Equations

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

Low albumin level + Poor organ function + Decreased appetite = Limited time left to live

Worsening balance (Physical + Biochemical + Cognitive) = Decreasing life balance

Family distress = Patient distress X Number of family members

Abdominal pain + Nausea + Vomiting + No Farts + No Poo = Bowel Obstruction

Unfinished business X Relationship dysfunction X Regrets = Complicated grief

Safety + Trust + Compassion + Trained professionals = Therapeutic Partnership

Severe symptoms/Good Palliative Care = Patient comfort

Engagement (Clinician + Management) = Good Hospice Team

Suffering witnessed + Action compelled = Compassionate care provided

Apnoeas + Thready pulse + Cold hands + No response = Active Dying

No breaths + No pulses + No responses + No eye reflexes = Dead

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