I think therefore I am? – Navigation

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

There isn’t always a map available especially if you are journeying into the unknown. That’s what it can feel like heading towards the end of your life. I haven’t been on the final journey myself but I have been alongside others during their journeys.

It is not my journey, I am not the driver. I am there to act as a guide, to help people through rough territory. I will point out obstacles along the way. I will guide you through difficult passages of your journey. I will keep things as calm as I can.

The ancient navigators had to rely on their skills in order to travel thousands of miles across vast oceans. I will use my skills to help navigate you through your final journey. I will make sure that you are looked after and kept comfortable. My goal is to eliminate as much stress and distress as possible. Your loved ones will also be along for the journey but like me they can only go so far on the journey. The final part of the trip we will have to leave you, but before then we will prepare the way as much as possible.

You are not alone, I will guide you through what may be the toughest of times. I will help to get you through this, and I will help your loved ones as well. Once you have reached your destination I will still look after those you have left behind.

My work is as a travel agent. I will try to lessen your burden as much as possible. With my local knowledge and the connections in my networks I will try to make your journey as smooth as possible. It may be a one-way trip you are heading out on, but we will try to cover as many of the details as possible. You might need to transit during part of your journey. When you wonder around international airports which are officially not part of any country. They are in Limbo Land, in the space in-between countries. A stop along the way. A place to catch your breath and find your bearings again.

With my sextant I will look to the skies for an answer. I will find out where we are and make sure that we are heading towards comfort. I can’t give you an exact Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) but I will try my best to tell you what you and your loved ones need to know. I will make sure that you are waiting at the right area. I don’t want you waiting at the bus stop when it is a train you are actually waiting to catch.

You might be all packed up and ready to go, and the vehicle might just be around the mountain, or around the corner. I aim to make your final journey as smooth as possible. We have no control of the length of the journey. No-one can control that apart from Nature and higher powers. What I can affect is the quality of your experience. I want to make you calm and comfortable. If I can achieve that then your loved ones will be calm and comfortable too.

I don’t have all of the answers to the questions you might ask me, but I will try my best to find some for you. If only I could predict exactly what will happen on your final journey. If only I could see into the future, but I can’t. I am a doctor by training not a fortune-teller. I can’t read the tea leaves, I can’t project myself into the future. All I can do is monitor what is happening in real-time and I can make adjustments to your care-plan as appropriate.

Thank you for choosing to travel with us. We appreciate that you had many options but are glad that you chose us. Now we want you to sit back and relax. Stow your tray tables and put your seat upright. Please fasten your seatbelts because we are about to take off.

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