I think therefore I am? – My Toe Con Dryer?

Photo by Braňo on Unsplash

Here’s a short story that I have shared with children of various ages who are losing or have lost their mothers.

Prior to Medical School I completed a Biochemistry degree. I learnt all about the important biochemical reactions that sustain life as we know it. Some of the most important reactions require mitochondria, which are present in each and everyone of our cells.

Mitochondria can be thought of as the power plants of each cell. They allow energy to be released, keeping each cell, and each person alive. Without mitochondria we could not live at all.

Another special thing about Mitochondria is that they were likely an introduced species, likely to have developed on their own. Millions of years ago they struck up a relationship with the rest of the cell, and the successful partnership has continued on ever since.

An interesting thing about mitochondria is that they are only passed onto the next generation by the female of the species. Thus in each cell of our bodies there exists a tiny part of our mother, our mitochondria, which if not present, we could not be alive at all.

This started when the very first mother passed on her mitochondria to her children, and from her female children to their children, right until the current day.

No-one can ever take mum away from you. Even though mum may be dying, she will live on in every single cell of your body, along with your memories of her.

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