Bedside Lessons – 2b. What Daisy saw.

Photo by Alejandro Ortiz on Unsplash

Hi everyone,

This was the result of a writing experiment in which I re-examined the case discussed in from the point of view of a fictional 7 year old grand-daughter:

Grandma is my BFF by Daisy

My grandma taught me to read when I was only 4 years old.

She told me about alot of cool worlds.

We visit them in some of the games we play.

My grandma is my bestest friend fourever.

In the picture I drew of her she is wearing a cape.

That was when we played supa-heros together.

We had the funnest time ever.

I laughed so much I almost wet my pants.

You want to know a secret?

Grandma is my fave.

It was scary when Grandma got sick.
She had bad pain in her tummy, and was shivering then mum called 111.
I visited Grandma in hospital.
It’s a ginormous place.
The nurses were nice to me.
That doctor is a meanie.
She made mum and Grandma cry.
Something is wrong.
Was it me?

Carmen has colour changing markers.
I’ve got a colour changing Grandma.
At home she turned yellow.
They must have had that special marker at the hospital.
When Grandma came home she was her normal colour again.
Will she turn green next?
That’s my fave colour.
Not sure why she’s so tired.

I’m worried about Grandma.
She doesn’t like her fave foods anymore.
Even fairy bread.
I can eat more than her now.
Mum and Dad look sad.
I told them that the other day.
They then talked about happy stuff, but they still looked sad.

Grandma used to be my horsey.
Now she’s more like a bear.
Hyber mate in winter, like they taught us in school?
She sleeps in all the time.
Not just in the weekend.
I miss my horsey.

Grandma hurt her tummy again.
Mum and Dad talk about horse piss.
They always tell me to say pee.
Mum cried.
Did she fight with Dad again?

Grandma is smiling again.
They gave me a fluffy toy when I visited her.
The place doesn’t smell like pee at all.
The cleaners must do a good job.

Grandma cried when see saw me.
She told me that I was her fave.
She’s my fave too.

The nice doctor said Grandma is in a comma.
Is that like a full stop?

Grandma, wake up, please wake up!

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