*Updated* 13/05/16 – Palace of Care/I think therefore I am?: #pallanz Mercy mission #getjnrbak



Hi everyone,


Poppa is my patient. Grandson “Junior” in Sydney unable to fly back to Auckland because of eye injury. Tearful conversation via internet this morning. Two men heartbroken at the thought that they will never be able to hug each other again.


Poppa very unwell and worsening rapidly, admitted this morning for hospice care.

Family have tried Cruise lines, Courier companies, travel agents to no avail so far.


Re-uniting Poppa with Junior would provide the greatest comfort.


Spread the word through all available palliative care networks to see if we can #getjnrbak!

It might have to be via sea because of Junior’s eye injury.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Let’s see if we can provide another example of a real world translation from our Palliative Care virtual community of practice.



UPDATE 11/05/16 1700 NZT:

Junior’s medical details were obtained with his permission.

Sean Coleman from Air Ambulance NZ has been very helpful, again – Shipping companies contacted – minimum of 4 day trip by ship.

Freighter Travel company contacted.

Suggestions:  Make-a-Wish foundation could be approached?

Anyone know any super-rich people with a spare super-yacht?

UPDATE 12/05/16 1100 NZT:

Cruise ship company contacted.

No commercial flight options available. Low cabin pressure private jet would cost at least $30000+ one way.

The search continues, people have been leaving suggestions in the comments section, thanks.

UPDATE 12/05/16 1700 NZT:

I made contact with P&O Cruises and they did not have anything available this year.

Junior’s family are also exploring freighter ship options apparently there is a Brisbane to Auckland ship sailing next week. Hamish from Freighter Travel also told me about the same possibility, he was very helpful.

Poppa remains very unwell.

Fingers crossed.

UPDATE 13/05/16 1400 NZT:

No news on the travel front, but Poppa woke up and was comfortable today!

Fingers double crossed that its the start of a trend.

7 thoughts on “*Updated* 13/05/16 – Palace of Care/I think therefore I am?: #pallanz Mercy mission #getjnrbak

  1. What about @NZDefenceForce or @DeptDefence – Are there any @nznavy @Australian_Navy ships or low flying @NZAirForce @Aus_AirForce planes heading across the ditch that can help? #YourADF @CDF_NZ @CN_Australia @MarisePayne #getjnrbak

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  2. Ok Guys and Gals , helicopters don’t have the range and would cost well in excess of $60000.00 to attempt a flight via Lord Howe and Norfolk. This patient needs a true zero cabin pressure in an aviation setting. We at Air Ambulance NZ and http://www.airambulance.com.au today are working with Ports of Melbourne on a ship option. I can get junior to Melbourne by bus overnight for around $65 AUD but as yet we haven’t found a vessel that can bring him. Air force isn’t an option in any way as this is outside their scope. I’ve got the word out in the private flying community re private jets but so far nothing.

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  3. Hi everyone,

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    We are still trying to come up with a way to get Junior over to see his Poppa.

    Sean Coleman is one of the original good guys, is a medical repatriation expert and is a true friend of Palliative Care. Sean was very generous with his time, sage advice and service during our #getjakbak mission which was accomplished in November 2014.

    Thanks again for your help Sean!

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