A Tour of the Teams: Centre for Palliative Care, Melbourne

The Centre for Palliative Care is the academic arm of the palliative care service based at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.  It is a collaborative centre of the University of Melbourne and has a goal and vision to enhance palliative care provision through enhancing research and education in the state of Victoria, Australia.

As such, the Centre has a significant research output with both clinician and academic researchers in the programs of:

  • models of palliative care delivery;
  • psychosocial support; and
  • clinical and symptom trials.

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A Tour of the Teams: ImPaCCT

Happy New(ish) Year everyone!

To celebrate we are starting a new segment.  It goes without saying that many people and groups around our region are doing wonderful and exciting work in palliative care research but it can feel a little lonely out there for many of us.  Finding support to develop your idea, and others with a similar interest can be a challenge.  In addition to the palliverse researcher database we thought another way for us all to feel connected was to start to get to know the more established players.  So let’s start with some introductions.  We have been contacting the various academic and research institutions working in palliative research in our region asking them to tell us a little bit about themselves.  “Tour of the teams” will be an ongoing series to bring the responses from these units together.

Unfortunately an actual "tour" was voted as impractical

An actual “tour” was unfortunately deemed impractical

We hope that the “Tour” will help us all be a little more connected and maybe to give us all some ideas of where we can get help to develop that great research idea that we have been sitting on.

The service who gets the gold star for being first off the mark is the ImPaCCT group

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