Palace of Care – Preparations

Photo by Pars Sahin on Unsplash

She said she had prepared herself for death several times over the past few years. She still wanted to try to live for as long as possible but if it was not to be she could accept it. She would try to sleep, try to eat, try to enjoy what she could of this life. Her brain knew what to say. Her emotional heart at times was speechless. She didn’t want to give in to the despair, but at times she wasn’t so strong. At times she wasn’t so sure she could accept things. There was so much she could not do. So many unfulfilled dreams. Too many disappointments.

Recently she felt exhausted, not because of the usual missed meals and poor sleeping attempts, it was much deeper than that. No matter how much sleep she had, she woke up exhausted.

Despite all of the above, she was more worried about her husband and how he would cope.

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