Palace of Care – Shorts 3

Photo by Pars Sahin on Unsplash

Will another CT scan make things worse for her?

The scan itself wouldn’t make much difference. But the energy used to go out and get it would not be a good use of the precious time she has left. We only do tests if the results might change our treatment plan.

I wouldn’t recommend a scan as we already know what’s going on.

It would make it more real for us. We know what is happening, without the tests.

But she really wants it.

We can’t request scans ourselves. You’d be better off contacting the Oncologist, to ask his opinion.

How much time does she have left? Will she still be alive in two weeks’ time?

I don’t know. She might still be alive, or she might not last that long.

Is there anything else that we can do to treat her?

No, the Oncologist has tried all available options. If there was anything else available he would have done it already. I’m sorry.

We don’t want to be sitting and waiting. We want to do something.

Her time has become so precious.


We will always be trying to do our best for your wife. And sometimes that might mean saying no to things you ask for.

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