Palace of Care – Shorts 1

Photo by Andrea Dibitonto on Unsplash

I’m sorry for your loss.

Are you sure he’s died? I thought I saw his nose move before.

Let us check. There’s no heartbeat, no breath sounds. No eye reflexes to light. He is dead.

Tears. I can’t believe he’s gone. He was such a good man. A good husband.

A very good man who looked after his family.

The cancer came on so fast. He was often doubled over in pain. It was horrible to see him suffering like that. Then he couldn’t eat. It was awful.

Yes, it was. No more suffering now. He can truly rest.

I thought he could hold on for longer.

He tried to. His mind was strong but his body became too weak. It was too much for him to handle. How long have you been together?

43 years. I’m two years older than him. He wasn’t supposed to die before me. He looked after me so well when I had cancer.

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