Palace of Care – Struggle

Photo by Logan Fisher on Unsplash

“You’re really breathless.”

“Yeah. I’m. Trying. To. Calm. Down.”

“Hard to swallow too?”


“You’re working hard to breathe. You’re having to shrug your shoulders up.”

“Yeah, Mum’s like that in the morning. She’s better in the afternoon.”

“I’m seeing quite a difference in Mum since I last saw you both a few days ago. I’m worried about her. I think we need to put a hold on the discharge plan. We need to calm things down first.”


“Are you okay staying with us a bit longer?”

Nod. “I. Love. This. Place.”

“We’ll see how you go, one day at a time. If things become stable then we can talk about going home again. If things get worse, it might be better to stay here.”


“No matter what happens we want to get you more comfortable, and let your daughter have a bit more rest.”

“Thanks. Mike.”

“You’re welcome.”

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