I think therefore I am? – Injured Pride

Yikes, I injured my dominant hand’s middle finger at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) last night and I need to wear a finger splint for the next 6-8 weeks. Typing has become slightly more difficult. I will need to try some dictation software or apps and any suggestions will be most welcome. I made myself a splint from a used pen part:

The things I have taken for granted include good health and a functional body that does what you want it to. The next six to eight weeks may teach me a few lessons about living with a minor disability. In the paragraph before I typed the numbers 6 and 8. In this paragraph, I have typed the word forms. 8 keystrokes versus only two.

What will be affected?

Changing clothes.

Toileting techniques will have to be adjusted.


Hair-washing, styling, drying.

Dishwashing and cooking will be attempted left-handed.

No BJJ – Groan, I am mildly addicted to it and usually go twice a week.

Hand – washing, writing, cleaning.

No high fives!

No finger snapping.

What opportunities may arise?

Getting into fights and arguments as I accidentally Flip the Bird as my right middle finger will be splinted in position.

No handshakes – Thank goodness for COVID!

I can compete in the 100mm Splint Race.

No one will tell me to pull finger anymore.

No more finger-push-ups.

I can try to break the world record for dirtiest finger.

I’ll save on right middle finger cleaning costs and help the environment at the same time.

I get to build up all the muscles on my left hand and arm:

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