I think therefore I am? – Stream of consciousness writing exercise

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Can you imagine a world where palliative care was available to everyone who needed it. What would it need to be sustained?

Funding source.
Wellness programmes for staff.
Community engagement.

A change in mindset would need to occur to enable people to care for the dying members of our communities. Maybe if people started caring for the dying, they might also care about those who are living as well.

A world where people respect each other, where the human commonality is celebrated instead of differences highlighted.

Could good care of the dying lead to a more compassionate world?

Everyone is so busy these days. Life is full of juggling and many balls are dropped by all of us. What can we do to change this situation?

What is a good life? It depends on each individual. We can only be ourselves, or the self that we allow ourselves to be. Are people given the opportunity to truly be themselves? Not always, there are always demands on your time and energy. It is hard to maintain concentration at all times. You can only do one thing at a time, multi-tasking is inefficient and leads to everything being done poorly.

We don’t understand how precious time is until we start running out of it. Then every second counts, every passing day could have lost opportunities. Who would you be if you could be anyone? If there were no limits set, who would you allow yourself to become?

One day at a time but we waste so much of our time on things which do not matter. How can we see the reality of our situations when we spend so much time trying to escape from them?

If you were going to die tomorrow what would you do today?

None of us knows when we are going to stop, when we will die.

Is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best able to be done?

What do we need to do to make people sit up and notice?

Numbers and facts help provide an evidence base but they do not speak to the emotional hearts of people. How can we make them care about our Why?

Why does palliative care exist? – it shouldn’t be for the sake of its own existence. We are here to serve our patients and their families. It is not about serving ourselves.

What can be done to help? Is there any hope left at all?

Yes there is, if you are willing to expose yourself to new ideas. Will you take the risk and dive right in?

Making new partnerships as we all navigate the new land. A foreign country with new boundaries required with each of us not having passports or visas.

Life is to be lived until it can’t be anymore.

Tragic situations are faced by healthcare workers all of the time, but we have to be able to handle them otherwise we will not be able to help many people at all.

Yeah the ongoing struggle continues.

How much is actually enough?  When will we know the answer?

What is our place in this world, what role do we fulfill? What would it be like if we all worked together? Would we get along or not? Who knows, it is about trying things out. Maybe different combinations will be more effective and efficient. Who knows we can but try…

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