National Aotearoa palliative care research day Sunday 6th November 2022 in Christchurch, New Zealand

Photo by Brayden Gray on Unsplash

My colleague Kaye Basire wanted everyone to know about this event which will precede the Hospice New Zealand conference 2022. The draft agenda can be downloaded below:

Aotearoa Palliative Care Research Day – Hybrid Event

We all recognise the importance of research in enhancing patient care. However, clinician led research in Aotearoa is often restrained by lack of support and resources. This is particularly acute in palliative care where there is often a sense of isolation due to the lack of national palliative care research strategy and network.

The Aotearoa Palliative Care Research Day is an opportunity for all current and budding palliative care researchers, to network and share ideas on advancing palliative care research in clinical settings. Prior research experience is not required.

Content of the day includes sharing of experience by practitioners who have incorporated research in their clinical work, translation of research findings into practice/policy and collaboration with academics.

Please share your thoughts with the Palliverse community

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