I think therefore I am? – Culture Clash

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Each place has its way of doing things and when people from different cultures intersect there may be clashes and discord. Some cultures will under-treat, and others will over-treat. Where will Goldilocks feel most comfortable? Too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. The most expensive treatments aren’t always the most effective.

Inequity pervades the world. NZ-trained doctors who have traveled back to Asia may be shocked that people with non-survivable strokes are kept on life support for weeks or even months as standard practice. Their relatives with end-stage dementia are fed via tubes and the quantity of life may be prolonged for lengthy periods, of up to years. This does not always come with any discernible quality of life benefits.

People may be from healthcare cultures in which the patient and family can have whatever they desire if they can pay for it. This can include experimental therapies with or without scientific bases. Desperation can lead to high sales figures but is there any care in those types of healthcare? People search all points of the compass but do they find any compassion? Expectations are set but people do not become settled. When time is of the essence is it correct to waste it without people’s informed assent?

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