I think therefore I am? – Poem of Power

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” has helped me through many difficult situations over the years, especially the first two lines of it:

“If you can keep your head when all about you   
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,“ 

I need to be the calm one, the calming influence within chaotic situations.

I have to be prepared to arrive and take command of the situation. To try to slow things down and soothe any suffering that may be occurring.

Treating everyone in a polite and friendly manner no matter how extreme their situations may be.

Keeping a cool and focused head, when everyone else is flailing away. To be a calmness hotspot, broadcasting it around myself.

They can blame me for shortening the visit times, “the doctor said my visitors could only stay for 15 minutes as he wanted me to rest more.”

I am a product of my training; medical, physical, mindfulness, including daily suffering doses from cold water exposure, fasting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and much more.

Maintaining my own sense of humour whilst being able to coax out laughter from the most unwell people in the world.

I studied in order to be able to find myself a job. I started working, found my calling and I now am a passionate member of a cause.

I continue to learn each day and am privileged to be able to learn from the patients and families that I deal with.

What does the future hold?


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