Hot Topics Webinar – In Sunset’s Glow – Life, Death and the Older Person 

October 2021 – In Sunset’s Glow – Life, Death and the Older Person 

This webinar is produced by the team at the Centre for Palliative Care in Melbourne, Australia and features Dr Lisa Mitchell.

A misperception common to both palliative care and the care of older people is that our work is all about dying. 

This talk by Dr Lisa Mitchell dwells firstly in that intersection, addressing questions about where, why and how older people die and the role that recognition of dying and Advance Care Planning have to play. We examine the findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and how ageism impacts on provision of care (including palliative care) for older people. Ending on a lighter note, we look at some of the interesting work that is emerging in Geroscience and how we can reimagine ageing in ourselves and others.

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