Palace of Care / I think therefore I am? #gotjnrbak The final update.


What would happen after the joyous reunion of Poppa and Junior? This was a question asked at our multidisciplinary meeting two and a half months ago. From the accumulated experience of our staff members we thought it could go either of two ways:

  1. Poppa might get a “boost” from being reunited with Junior and other family members, and might improve.
  2. Poppa had used what was left of his energy holding on to see Junior and would continue to deteriorate.

Poppa improved in the presence of his family, was able to go home and was lovingly cared for by his family for the next 10 weeks.

Some weeks later he was readmitted after another severe deterioration, but managed to recover again to the point of being able to go home again.

In the last month Poppa deteriorated gradually, a reflection of his innate strength. He required a further admission for symptom control. Again he looked close to death but surprised us all with his resilience.

He knew that he was at the end of his life and was ready to reunite with his late loved ones.

Poppa was discharged home again, which was where he really wanted to be. In his last weeks he was beautifully cared for by his family – Poppa’s greatest legacy.

This morning the world lost one of the truly good guys, a special man who was always courteous, who possessed a smile that could light up the room, and warm the heart of his visitors.

It was truly a privilege to have been involved in Poppa’s care.

Rest in peace kind sir.

Please take care Junior and family.

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