Let’s talk about death, baby! Tweet chat 5th November 19:00 AEDT #pallANZ

And we are back! After our very successful inaugural tweet chat last month, let’s rock again with our next effort, and Let’s talk about death, baby together with Palliative Care Australia.

A tweet chat is a virtual meeting on twitter. This chat has the hashtag #pallANZ. Remember to use this hashtag in all your tweets, otherwise people will miss your comment.  If you are not familiar with tweet chats,  check out our Twitter 101 and 102 articles on this site.

It’s hard to talk about dying, or as we sometimes say (only half joking), the D word.
Here are some great references on the subject recently:
What do you think?
Are we letting our fear of saying the wrong thing, get in the way?

The plan for the chat is:

Introductions. Tell us who you are and where you are from. Patients and carers are warmly welcomed.

T1 Have you ever had a conversation about death or dying? How did it go? What went well? What could’ve been better?

T2 Do you think talking about death and dying is important? Why or why not?

T3 What stops us from talking about death and dying as a community, and as individuals?

T4 What can we do to help us talk about death? As patients/carers/friends, doctors/nurses/clinicians, or as researchers/policymakers?

CT means closing tweets. Give us your shout outs, announcements, and closing thoughts.

Not on the south east coast of Australia? Well, here is a time converter just for you. goo.gl/w9ivPs

See you on 5th November in the Palliverse!

Sonia xx

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