#SoMe (social media) meets palliative care again!

Palliverse loves a bit of #SoMe  interacting with palliative care discussions.

If we have not converted you to tweet chats yet, check out this transcript of the healthcare leaders weekly tweet chat which comes out of North America on a Wednesday 1130 AEDT. This week it was on Palliative Care (yay) but it’s often about change, innovation and patient experience in heath.


It highlighted again for me the differences between palliative care in the USA and in Australia and New Zealand.  I know from hanging out on tweet chats out of the USA that often you must sign up to forgo all active treatments in order to qualify for hospice care.

I gave NZ a plug as an example of  a country with a good palliative care system (ahead of Aus cos I think NZ is better with community palliative care integration.) Was I right or wrong? What do you think?

Sonia xx

3 thoughts on “#SoMe (social media) meets palliative care again!

  1. I cannot comment on NZ; however I can comment on the NT and SA. Both have excellent examples of community integration. I have worked in Eastern Health in VIC and certainly there were issues with community palliative care integration. This may be one advantage of working in a “smaller” state!

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  2. Interesting Es! I am in Victoria as well and I don’t think we are a shining example of community integration with acute care and palliative care consultation services in acute, partly because we have so many independent providers. In the palliative care consortium where I work at the moment (covering some of metro Melbourne), there are three community providers and they don’t share any after hours on call, so there are some inefficiencies.
    The example of good integration I hear about in Australia is in WA where Silverchain has a massive role. Can anyone from WA comment?


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