Palliative medicine training in Australia


Following up from Michael’s post a few days ago about palliative medicine training jobs, here are a few more useful links for Palliverse readers thinking about enhancing their medical careers through further training in palliative medicine:

  • An overview of advanced training (three years), which is required to become a palliative medicine specialist in Australia and New Zealand
  • Information about the clinical diploma (six months), which offers all medical practitioners an immersive experience in palliative medicine
  • List of accredited palliative medicine training sites in Australia and New Zealand
  • Registrar and clinical research fellow positions in Sydney (applications close August 13th)
  • Registrar positions in Canberra (applications close July 31st)
  • Registrar and fellow positions in Victoria (applications close August 10th)
  • Information about palliative medicine training in Queensland
  • Apply for palliative medicine training in South Australia (applications close July 31st)

I couldn’t find much stuff online about palliative medicine training in New Zealand, Western Australia or Tasmania. If you know of any good resources on these topics, please share them with the rest of the Palliverse community! Thanks in advance 🙂

1 thought on “Palliative medicine training in Australia

  1. The WA Registrar job applications close in early July each year (so it’s too late to apply for a job for 2016 – sorry.) Jobs are advertised on the site.


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