Palace of Care – What was the best thing you did the other week?

the mystery

I managed to track down the burial location of the baby of one of our patients who had tragically lost their first baby, by stillbirth, over 20 years ago. Due to various reasons the grieving couple never found out where their baby was buried within a large local cemetery.

I had no idea how to start the search, so I asked around. Thanks to everyone who suggested that I contact the local council. A quick search of their website found a section where you can search for burial locations online yourself. This did not yield any results, but led me to another section of the website that allowed me to send a query email.

A few days later a real human answered, and suggested that I emailed someone else. Two days later I was sent a reply with a picture of a map of the cemetery with a highlighted area within which their baby had been buried. One of our counsellors kindly delivered the information package to the couple, time was of the essence as our patient was deteriorating rapidly.

Two days later our patient died. The bereaved spouse was able to tell us later that our patient could now be together with their long-lost baby.

I would love to hear your stories, y’all have a good weekend.



2 thoughts on “Palace of Care – What was the best thing you did the other week?

    • Thanks, Sonia, it was a small but not so random act of kindness. The mystery in my photo was what was keeping this critically unwell person with extremely low quality of life going. At multiple times throughout the years that they had been under our care, they had been at the brink of death, but came back to the existent state. What unfinished task did they need to complete? It wasn’t until a few weeks before the death that I found out about the missing baby. Once the information about where the baby was located was provided, our patient knew which departure gate to head to, and could complete the journey. Go well fellow traveler.


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