Job applications for 2016 ahoy!!

As many who work in palliative medicine would be acutely aware the process of applying for next year’s job is beginning in earnest.

High on the

High on the “must do” list for some. cc

I have just received some updates about trainee positions in palliative medicine applications coming online for the ACT and NSW.

For the ACT there are two positions with details about the roles available at the ANZSPM website.

For NSW the Sydney Institute of Palliative Medicine has just advertised a number of positions with a closing date for applications on the 13th of August.  Additional details are available through and the application can be made at this website.

I am sure that other areas are advertising trainee jobs in palliative medicine, not to mention jobs in other professional streams like nursing and allied health.  If you have heard of any applications coming up that our community need to know about please reply to the post, or contact one of our team directly and we can organise to get the word out.

Good hunting fellow job seekers!



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