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I have just been prompted to have a look at the excellent eLearning Pain Module for the RACP.  In short it is a fantastic resource that I encourage anyone with access to have a look at here.  As I understand it access to this resource is limited to fellows and trainees of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and its administrators so my apologies to anyone not fitting that description reading this blog, as the following may come across as a bit of a tease. (Ed Correction: We have just been informed that anyone can apply for access through the site linked above – i.e. Read on, it is not a tease at all)

RACP Elearning

RACP eLearning website

The module was informed by the palliative medicine advanced training curriculum  and designed to provide palliative medicine trainees with necessary skills and knowledge to be able to continue to develop their learning in this area.  The module wisely noted that there is not universal consistency in clinical practice across palliative medicine nor in training opportunities in this important area and so this module attempts to make sure that every trainee gets the same learning opportunities.  The module provides interactive training based on vignettes in a variety of clinical settings including the community, the tertiary hospital and in the palliative care unit in three long cases, and also provides short cases to flesh out specific clinical areas of complexity like analgesia in renal failure, the management of tenesmus, and pain assessment in the profoundly disabled child.  Despite the length of some of the cases (the long cases take several hours to complete) the module is structured to allow work in smaller 15 minutes blocks without losing progress.  Special mention should be made of the authors inviting experts to provide commentary on how they would manage the cases within the module.  For me this allowed the trainee (or interested consultant) to see how this related to everyday practice in our region, and helps prevent the module from becoming just a book-learning exercise.

Personally I must congratulate the authors: Anil Tandon, Peter Eastman, Helen Lord, Vicki Tai, Sharon Ryan, Simon Allan, Melanie Lovell and our own Elissa Campbell (we are all very proud of her, here at Palliverse) for their great work on this resource.  The only issue I have with the module at all is that it has apparently been available for a whole year and I have only just come in contact with it.  Admittedly, that is probably at least somewhat my fault rather than the fault of the authors or the college, however I would suggest that any and all trainees and specialists spread the word so that anyone who would like to benefit from this excellent resource gets the opportunity.



2 thoughts on “Online Pain Module – RACP eLearning

  1. Michael, thank you for your review and kind comments. (Also, thanks for not including a screen shot of the introductory video). The modules are compulsory for all RACP Pall Med trainees so I hope that all trainees and supervisors are aware of the modules.

    I know of at least one nursing colleague who has been working through these – so their benefit is not just limited to doctors.

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    • Well thank you as well Elissa 🙂
      I would like to assume that my ignorance about the module was in part due to its release after I completed my training. Since then I have only supervised diploma candidates, but it occurs to me I should have prompted them about the module as well. Looks like I have some emails to those trainees awaiting me in my near future.

      That is great about your nursing colleague. Now that I know about it I am going to prompt our NPs at our service to have a look as well.

      Thanks again.


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