Elsewhere in the Palliverse – Weekend Reads

Has anyone watched Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal series for Frontline in the US? There’s also a selection of shorter videos at the Frontline YouTube page, like the one above.

Oliver Sacks has written a beautiful piece in the New York Times, about his reaction to being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. (My Own Life: Oliver Sacks On Learning He Has Terminal Cancer)

The Guardian asks, “We’ll All Die One Day. Isn’t It Time We Get Used to the Idea?

EAPC Blog asks Dr Catherine Walshe “A PhD in Palliative Care? Why would you want to do that?” Some of our Palliverse team may have been asked the same question!

The questions continue. Physician Anna Reisman writes about writing about her patients’ experiences at end-of-life, and asks, “Should Doctors Write About Their Patients?” (The Atlantic)

I’ll finish with a topic that’s consuming most of my energy these days – advance care planning – with this article “Seeking a Beautiful Death” from the New York Times.


I hope these provide some food for thought over your weekend (a long weekend here in WA, I’m pleased to say). Please share your thoughts on any of these below.

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