EAPC young researcher award 2015

Know a talented young palliative researcher? Are a talented young palliative researcher?

The Early Researcher Award (formerly Young Investigator Award) was created as an annual award by the EAPC in 2009. This award is designed to recognise the work of young (novice) scientists and clinicians in the field of palliative care who have recently made, or are currently making an outstanding contribution to research. It aims to highlight their personal career development and their potential for the future.

Applications close end of November 2014 and the winners go to the EAPC congress in Denmark. 

The candidate should:

• be at an early stage of his/her research career in palliative care (does not refer to actual age)
• have a strong documented interest and skills in research in palliative care
• hold an academic or clinical position in palliative care
• hold a postgraduate degree (e.g. PhD, MD, Masters)
• be able and willing to give a plenary lecture in English at the 14th EAPC World Congress

The following must be evident in application:

• A strong interest in research in palliative care
• How candidates link research ideas to EAPC research priorities
• Evidence of academic and/or clinical development
• Detailed description of research methods and results and their relevance to palliative care
• A clear work plan showing personal development
• Evidence of post graduate training
• Environment / research group that candidates have worked in
• Evidence of publications and presentation of work at conferences or similar events
• Evidence of scientific awards (if any)
• Evidence of ability to do a presentation in English

Applicants from around the world are welcome. Candidates who already applied for the award in previous congresses are invited to reapply!

Here is the link…..


Cheers, Sonia

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