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How to determine the order of authorship in an academic paper (@paulisci)

Presenting your research findings at a meeting? Here are some useful tips to improve your delivery (Lifehacker)

As I walk through hospital corridors, I’m always grateful for the beautiful artworks displayed. However, I don’t often stop to consider the themes portrayed. Art columnist Jonathon Jones asks, Should hospital art be jolly – or should it portray the truth about pain? (The Guardian). Meanwhile, More hospitals use the healing power of art (Wall Street Journal). What are your thoughts?

Still in the hospital, patients in a better designed room required 30% less pain relief post-operatively. (In redesigned room, hospital patients may feel better already, New York Times)

Dr Jessica Zitter asks, does our need to feed our dying loved ones blind us to what’s really best for them? It’s great to see this issue getting coverage in the lay press. (Food and the dying patient, New York Times)

As euthanasia hits the headlines in Australia with the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014, oncologist Dr Molly Williams argues that Palliative care and euthanasia can co-exist (The Age), in response to euthanasia campaigner Dr Rodney Symes. (At life’s end, we should respect people’s choices, The Age)

What do you do When a friend asks you to help her die? (The Washington Post)

Agreeing to accept and move on (New York Times)

How do you feel about being turned into compost when you die? (Fast Company)


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