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I am a rural GP on the mid north coast of NSW. I have always had a strong interest in Aged Care and Palliative Care, and my practice reflects that. I still do all other aspects of GP work, except confinements, which I gave away some years ago. I am always keen to improve my knowledge and skills and love hearing of other people's experiences and ideas.

Enhancing Palliative Care for GPs: Clinical audit on end-of-life care

Ed: Thank you David and Caresearch for allowing us to share this post focusing on ways to enhance primary palliative care for general practitioners.  We at Palliverse agree that dialogue around the GPs role in palliative care is timely and important.  We would welcome further contributions on this topic.


Banksy Dr and Heart

Banksy Hits San Fransisco (mod). Thomas Hawk via Flickr. CC BY 4.0


Hi everybody. I am a GP of 25 years’ experience. I deal a lot with aged care and palliative care. I recently completed a Clinical Audit on end-of-life care through Decision Assist. I wrote a short piece for Caresearch about doing the Audit for Decision Assist as I found the process of reflecting on my practice and looking at changes very worthwhile. Here is what I wrote.

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