Palace of Care – Grief Is Bodily Harm?

Photo by Nomad Bikers on Unsplash

It was chaos. They just did not know what to do. Their leader had died and they had no one to give them orders anymore. To many of the young men, it was like they had lost their father. They felt lost again. They didn’t know how to handle the discomfort. They had to escape. Some rode off on their motorbikes. Not knowing where to go, just anywhere else. They had seen dead bodies before, but this was different. They felt like crying but they couldn’t show any weakness. That was not allowed. Men had to be strong, only little boys would shed tears.

The reality was too hard to handle. They had to exit to another place. Running away was an all too familiar feeling for them. There had always been something to fear. They had run for most of their childhoods until they had been found by the boss. He had taught them much. He had taught them how to become men. To behave as real men do. To demand from others the respect they deserved. They would do anything for him, but now he was gone and they didn’t know what to do. The lost boys had known he was sick, but they thought he was going to make it through it all. They had to escape. They needed to get out of there. They flicked their lighters on, lit up their pipes and smoked their sorrow away.

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