Pallimed article on heart failure palliative care trial

Thanks to Dr Drew Rosielle for this thoughtful analysis of an important trial, comparing usual care to usual care plus palliative care in ambulatory heart failure patients.

Headline – palliative care improved quality of life. So this article is adding to the literature supporting this idea, which mostly occurs in the malignant domain.

Check out Pallimed if you have time, it’s got great stuff!




1 thought on “Pallimed article on heart failure palliative care trial

  1. Thank you for sharing that post, Sonia.
    It was nice to read a review where the reviewer stated that he hadn’t heard of something, in this case, the criterion used to identify the severe heart failure patient. Makes for an honest review. It was frustrating, though, that it wasn’t clear what the pal care intervention was beyond the initial contact. The famous Temel study did provide a supplement outlining the Pal Care intervention, including the questions asked, for example.

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