Unspoken… a theatrical perspective on advance care planning

End-of-life care and decision making is not something many people feel comfortable discussing, and yet is a conversation that all of us would benefit from having.

In order to generate awareness of and discussion around Advance Care Planning, Health Issues Centre is presenting a theatrically inspired event in Melbourne titled Unspoken (What Will Become of Me?).

Oftentimes we are happy to make arrangements for certain aspects of our future, such as our post-retirement finances and even planning our own funerals. Yet we typically shy from discussing our preferred end-of-life treatment and care as it stirs uncomfortable scenarios. Will we be active and aware or restricted by cognitive and physical decline? Will we die peacefully in our sleep or be tormented by unmanageable pain?

We often avoid discussing what will become of us until there is a crisis at hand, but this is usually far too late. But when faced with limited choices, it is still possible to maintain a level of independence with some forward thinking and planning.

One way to do this is through creating an Advance Care Plan, which is the important process of having your future healthcare preferences documented. It allows your choices to be heard, your wishes respected and for loved ones to confidently make decisions on your behalf should you be no longer able.

Although the logic of preparing an Advance Care Plan is self-evident, less than 10% of Australian’s have one in place. An alarmingly low statistic when you consider the ease it can bring an individual and their loved ones.

Unspoken (What Will Become of Me?) is a provocative and comedic event held at the State Library Victoria from 27-30th October focusing on the lighter side of ageing, declining capacity and the importance of planning for the future. This event aims to change perceptions of Advance Care Planning as a mechanism to extend autonomy and independence, rather than an admission of declining health.

For more information and to register, head to https://goo.gl/XrhpB9.

Join the social media conversation: www.facebook.com/unspokenageingparents.

*Posted by Palliverse on behalf of the Health Issues Centre

1 thought on “Unspoken… a theatrical perspective on advance care planning

  1. It’s all very well having a plan, mine says that in certain, clearly defined circumstances, I would only want palliative care, but if palliative care services don’t have enough specialist doctors, nurses and allied health to ensure my comfort, I believe that it is highly likely that I will suffer. What are we to do about that?


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