a week. hospitals. tiny needles. too many tiny needles.

Hey palliverse peeps, here is another post by the wonderful Elizabeth…. she is having a torrid time with what she creatively called stomarama, which sounds like No Fun and involved painful scary needles and things.
I think she is pretty amazing….

sky between branches

i can’t even clearly remember when i last updated.

though firstly welcome to new readers. there are a lot of you.  here are some basic things:

i talk a lot about gross stuff, but try and warn for it.

i do not post comments messaged to  me relating to alternative treatments. i have written in the past about about my reasons, and i respect all cancer patients and their own decisions regarding treatment. in return, i like to be afforded the respect of not being offered treatment options for my cancer that are not being suggested or managed by my carefully chosen multiple disciplinary team who, between all of them, have a tremendous amount of experience.  i follow this path, i am happy with my decision to do so.  i like to make people aware of this so they understand that this is an important thing for me. i appreciate…

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