Palace of Care – The Hospice Wedding

Jeff Belmonte at

                       Jeff Belmonte

Many years later it will still stand clearly in your memory, your wedding day, the day that started a new life together for you two. The ceremony in which you fully committed to each other and became; Mr and Mrs _____, or Mr and Mr ______, or Mrs and Mrs______. For better or for worse, until death do us part. What’s so different about a Hospice Wedding?

The unique event that is a Hospice Wedding, an event in which there is always a mixture of emotions at play. The hospice staff are always very keen to help out, and seem to be able to magically pull flowers, wedding cakes and balloons out of thin air. There is a buzz of excitement felt in the corridors as people prepare for the happy event. Plans are quickly discussed with the families involved and it all can come together quickly, even if there is only short notice given. We have to be careful though, not to take over, just whose wedding is it?

Make-up artists and hair stylists teleport in from different dimensional planes, transforming the most unruly locks into the most fashionable up-do’s.

Fancy clothing is obtained and tried on for size.

Staff are keen to bear witness, to participate in the festivities, but must also be careful not to be intrusive, as it is a family event after all.

Parents faces glow with pride, while their eyes betray evidence of discordant feelings.

The joy of the happy moment, messages from the heart exchanged in front of family and friends.

Flashes of light etch the images for future viewing.

A cake is cut, two have become one.

A celebration of love tinged by the sadness for an impending loss.

Tears of joy mixed with tears of grief.

The completion of one of the major tasks of life, committing to one partner, cruelly juxtaposed with the end of one of their lives.

Trying to take things one day at a time when your days together are likely to be extremely limited.

Would we do it all again?

You betcha!

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