Palace of Care – Tell me what the best thing you did this week was…

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The best thing that I did all week:

The other day I made a patient laugh and smile, two of my favourite things to do as a doctor.

Two men from completely different walks of life, in the space of 15 minutes, made a human connection through humour, blokey-ness and general conversation.

I wished him a good night and said that we would talk again tomorrow about transferring him back to his original hometown.

Neither of us knew that mere hours later one of us would not be alive any more.

Please share with the Palliverse community what the best thing you did all week was.



2 thoughts on “Palace of Care – Tell me what the best thing you did this week was…

  1. I can’t give details… but I successfully intervened to get a patient discharged from hospital to be home with their family. It was more complicated than it sounds because the treating team wanted to keep the patient in hospital for a variety of reasons that I thought were less important than the need to get home.

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  2. Wow Sonia, you too? It sounds like we had similar weeks.
    I was also involved in a self-care reflection with our team which felt really important. I think we all agreed that self-care is not something that you have ever done, but something that you have to just keep working on. Prompted by a colleague it occurred to me that we are all bereaved carers when we work in palliative care. Honouring those that died and their memory is such an important part of the role.
    Great post James. Thanks for starting the conversation.


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