Vital talk – resources for improving your communication skills

Have picked up some great tips from these guys when I have seen them at palliative conferences.

Communication skills are something that you can always improve, even if you have been in the field for a long time!

The site offers videos with examples of communication skills and also cheat sheets of suggestions on how to structure difficult conversations.

Do you find them useful?

2 thoughts on “Vital talk – resources for improving your communication skills

  1. Thanks Sonia. I completely agree. In fact would you believe I was writing a blog including reference to this site? I think the vitaltalk and Oncotalk resources are fantastic. I find that the one-pagers (e.g. NURSE, SPIKE etc) are particularly good to introduce the topics to persons who are newer to them, and to jog the memories of those of us who aren’t new but still need a little prompt now and again.

    Personally I think that these kind or resources are useful not just to guide us in how to conduct clinical communication but I think are indirectly also a useful guide in how to teach clinical communication.

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