Social media – health care hashtags

Greetings dear readers,

You may have caught up with past posts such as Twitter 101 and Twitter 102.

But, you may ask, how do I know which hashtags will be interesting for me?

Wonder no more. Here is a list from Symplur of healthcare hashtags.

The ones I look at are #HPMglobal (hospice and palliative medicine global), #HPM (you can work that one out), #HCLDR (health care leaders), #HCSMANZ (health care and social media Australia and New Zealand). There are some patient-centred ones I dip into like #BCSM (breast cancer social media) and #LCSM (lung cancer social media).

There are heaps of people in the medical and nursing education space, using hashtags like #FOAMed and #FOANed (free open access medical/nursing education) and I also notice on the top 10 list #MedEd.

Check out the Symplur list for areas of interest to you!

For the Twitter beginners, and we were all Twitter beginners once, just type the hashtag you are interested in into the “search” box on Twitter and see what comes up.


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