#CrazySocks4Docs – #PalliativeCare Edition

Join Team Palliverse for #CrazySocks4Docs day on Friday 4th June 2021!

We will be wearing your craziest socks & hosting a zoom chat to shine a light on the mental health of palliative care doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, researchers, educators, managers & leaders. COVID-19 has made it harder for all of us trying to do our bit for palliative care – those working on the frontline, behind the scenes & on the home front. So to misquote Timothy Leary for our pandemic generation – let’s all “turn up, zoom in & chill out”!

  • Grab a well-deserved drink / generous amounts of chocolate / cuddly animal or doona & settle into a comfy chair / snug beanbag / cozy bed around 8pm NZST (New Zealand) 6pm AEST (Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Canberra) / 5:30pm ACST (Adelaide) / 4pm AWST (Perth) on Friday 4th June 2021
  • Pick up your laptop / tablet / phone & punch in / click on / head to: https://usc-au.zoom.us/j/89540252267
  • Be excellent to each other while catching up with old friends, making new ones & chatting about anything, everything & all things palliative care & self care!

3 thoughts on “#CrazySocks4Docs – #PalliativeCare Edition

  1. Glad to see it!
    Maybe now the medical field will begin to understand depression but I doubt it as they have used a word that the depressed have been called for over a hundred years.

    You haven’t come a long way baby! Medical professionals actually are the worst offenders, because you are suppose to be intelligent. But yet here we are with a hashtag- with the word ‘crazy’ for your stress and depression.

    Shame on you!

    I don’t wish ‘real’ mental illness on anyone as I am suffering…but yes, a day, a week…
    experience it. It’ll give you a knew appreciation for those ‘crazy’ mentally ill people.


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