Dr Christina Puchalski to visit WA for #NPCW18

Great news for WA palliative care folk, with one of the big names in palliative care visiting Perth as part of National Palliative Care Week 2018. Dr Puchalski will be appearing at free events for the public and for those working in palliative care, thanks to the PaSCE team from Cancer Council WA. See below for more details, via PaSCE:

The Palliative and Supportive Care (PaSCE) team, from Cancer Council WA, is delighted to bring Dr Christina Puchalski to Perth, Western Australia from Washington D.C., USA during the 2018 National Palliative Care Week. We hope Dr Puchalski’s visit to Perth will enable WA health professionals to learn more about the science of spirituality and the integration of spirituality in their practice.


  • Monday, 21st May 2018, 12.30-1.30pm, State Library Theatre, Alexander Library Building, Perth.

PUBLIC Lecture, Finding Meaning, Living with Purpose

This is directed at patients vs health professionals, although health professionals are welcome!



  • Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 2-3pm, via Telehealth Video Conference

The Essential Role of Spiritual Care In Whole Person Care

  • Review the evidence for spirituality in clinical care
  • Describe models of spiritual care
  • Discuss the concept of the generalist-specialist model of care as it relates to spiritual care
  • Develop one goal for integrating spirituality in your clinical setting


  • Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 9-4pm, Boulevard Centre, Floreat

Integrating Spirituality into Palliative Care: From Diagnosis to Reflection

  • Integrating Spiritual Care into Clinical Care: A Whole Person Model of Care
      • Describe the role of spirituality in the care of patients
      • Discuss the evidence for spirituality in health care
      • Define spirituality
      • Review current models of spiritual care
      • Appreciate the roles of different health care team members in providing spiritual care
  • Communication Skills for Spiritual Assessment
      • Demonstrate different ways to communicate with patients about their spirituality
      • Differentiate spiritual screening, history and assessment
      • Utilize the FICA tool in taking a Spiritual History
      • Discuss communication strategies for eliciting spiritual issues
  • Spirituality: An Antidote to Burnout?
      • Reflect on the role of your spirituality in your Personal and Professional development
      • Discuss what factors contribute to clinician burnout
      • Discuss the role of spiritual practices in self care
      • Reflect on ways you can integrate spiritual or other practices into your life.


Other events

During her Perth visit, Dr Puchalski will be connecting with the Western Australian Palliative Care Research Collaboration, as well as some other private education events for health professionals.

For more information and bookings, see the PaSCE website.

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