Toast, heat packs, and other banned substances

I recently fell into a twitter conversation that started with an innocent tweet by Dr Ros Taylor (@hospicedoctor):toasttwitter

I was surprised to learn that toast, a humble source of warmth of comfort, is banned in some hospitals.

I joined the conversation to ask whether anyone was allowed to use heat packs or hot water bottles in their workplaces. The unanimous response was “No.”

I understand the rationale behind these policies (risk of fire, risk of heat injury to patient with sensory deficit) but are they a bit heavy-handed for palliative care patients?

What do you think? Have you worked with similar policies? Is it time for a randomised control trial into benefits vs harms of toast and heat packs?


1 thought on “Toast, heat packs, and other banned substances

  1. Our Pal care unit makes toast with a sandwich maker, little squashed but toast of sorts as toasters are banned. Re hot packs, we are allowed to use hot packs if ordered by dr. and pt has had a sensory deficit check. We use electric mini hot packs that switch off automatically. I know other of hospitals use different sorts eg heated in special water heater, , or chemical action ones that are one off use.


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