Palliverse people’s database


(Image: University of Michigan Library Card Catalog by dfulmer / CC BY)

We have updated the Palliverse researchers database and temporarily renamed it “Palliverse peoples database“.

Why, I hear you ask? 

Well, a friend of a friend lamented that she was having trouble finding someone to help them with their advanced training project. My friend asked if she had thought about joining the Palliverse researchers database. Her friend replied that she didn’t think of herself as a “researcher” so didn’t think she could join the database!

Being the inclusive lot we are, here at Palliverse we’ve decided to help our friend’s friend overcome her dilemma by changing the name of our database to include all people, researchers, non-researchers and those who remain undecided (like me). After all, the whole point of the database (and one of the main missions of Palliverse) is to bring palliative care people together. So what’s a little name change for the good of the Palliverse?

We realise that “Palliverse people’s database” may not be the greatest name – so think of it as a temporary label. If you have a better suggestion for what we could call our database, please let us know by replying to this post or send us an email at

Happy networking peeps!

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